Spring Incentives Are Here!

Posted: 3/2/2017

It's March 2 and some of us across the country are still seeing snow, while others have already had the sweet taste of spring weather. To help take the edge off whichever scenario you are now facing, we excited to launch a new spring incentive. Now through May 1 you can purchase some of the most innovative and effective products to help you achieve your goals faster, and allow you reap a few rewards along the way.


PSA Announcement:

We all know how important adjuvants are - droplets are small and there are so many variables that cause them to miss their intended target. Some of these variables include the applicator, spray tank & everything that goes in it, equipment, environment, and the plant surface itself. So help make life a little easier, WinField United created a great cheat sheet to show you which adjuvant works best with the active ingredients you are using. To make it even easier we've created the a recommended program that integrates these products and adjuvants into one convenient program.


We know some tools get you through your day, but with our superior product portfolio & technology, we can help you make the most of it. Talk to your local sales rep about what makes sense for you. Enjoy 4x the reward points, terms, and a cool gift if you buy during our spring program.

Contact your local WinField United representative today!